Bathroom Remodeling Costs in Orlando Florida

Bathroom Remodeling Costs In Orlando FloridaLooking to give your worn and outdated bathroom an upgrade? If so, read this article and discover what bathroom remodeling costs in Orlando Florida.     

Hi, my name is Jason Torres, owner of Top Notch Remodelers LLC. A bathroom "wetspace" remodeling company in Orlando, Florida, that specializes in tile, acrylic wall systems, and solid surface bathroom products.

As a business owner who interacts with lots of customers on a daily basis, one of the most frequent questions I get is "How Much Does Bathroom Remodeling Costs In Orlando Florida?" Most times this comes from a home owner in desperate need a of bathroom remodel, who has gotten a few estimates, and are blown away from some of the prices they received to get the job done.

After realizing that a bathroom remodeling project is not as cheap as they thought it would be, most home owners do one of two things? They either attempt some sort of patch job which is a temporary solution to their problem, or they put the job on hold and eventually forget about it, thinking that their bathroom issues will go away, but never do. Doing nothing at all is the worse decision you can make regarding your bathroom remodel, and the problems will only get worse, eventually costing you more money later, when you run out of options, and have no choice but to get it done?

If you currently find yourself in the scenario that I mentioned above and are blown away about some of the price quotes you've received to get your bathroom remodeled, I feel your pain! I totally understand your frustrations and am here to tell you that despite what you been exposed to there is still light at the end of the tunnel concerning your bathroom. Stick with me...

So What Does Bathroom Remodeling Costs In Orlando Florida?

Bathroom Remodeling Costs In Orlando Florida

According to the Cost vs. Value report from Remodeling Magazine for 2019, the cost for a midrange bathroom remodel is $20,420.00. This is for updating a 5 by 7 bathroom, replacing all fixtures, a 30 by 60 tub, 4 by 4 ceramic tile, a new shower control, a toilet, solid surface vanity, a medicine cabinet, ceramic floor tile, and vinyl wallpaper. When it comes time to sell the home you can expect to receive a 67.2% ROI which is $13,717.00 on your $20,420.00 investment. 

Now I know what you may be thinking after seeing these numbers above! You may be saying to yourself you have to be kidding me! There is no way that this is what bathroom remodeling costs in Orlando Florida! But the reality of the matter is, is that this is the midrange price for a bathroom remodel in the South Alantic region of the United States.

Now before you dismiss anything else I have to say here, give me a moment to break some things down to you ok?

Bathroom remodeling is expensive and if you want the job done right there is no corner cutting. I mean would you go to a doctor who was going to give you a patch job for an ailment that required proper care? Probably not! The same holds true for your bathroom. Your bathroom operates with many components that all deal with water, and if not properly maintained can quickly turn into a living nightmare!

So what are your options? You can continue to price shop and find a contractor who will do the job cheap as most customers request of me. The problem with cheap, is that cheap is what cheap gets. The less you pay, the less quality you get in products, and craftsmanship. Futhermore cheap will get you someone who more than likely doesn't carry Liability Insurance or Worker's Compensation Insurance putting both you and your property at risk. Cheap also gets you someone who doesn't hold the proper credentials / licenses to perform the work properly which in the state of Florida is ILLEGAL.

Now armed with this information what can you do? The smart thing to do is work with a company who is A Rated with the Better Business Bureau, who employs licensed contractors, carries all necessary insurances, has good reviews on sites like Google My Business, Home Advisor, Angie's List, Porch, and Houzz, and let them take a look at your project.

If the price that they quote you is more that what you can manage at the time, break your bathroom remodeling project down into sections. Focus on the immediate priority areas first, and then come back and address secondary areas as time and money permits. You don't have to complete the entire project at one time if the price exceeds your budget. Rome wasn't built in a day, and completing an entire bathroom remodeling project won't happen over night either. It takes time and money!

If you received value from this blog post on bathroom remodeling costs in Orlando Florida please submit a comment and let's keep the conversation going.

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